Born Fighters: who were the Tunnellers?

My paper to the conference ‘The Great War Underground’ held at the National Army Museum on 2 November 2013. It draws on my research into members of 179th and 185th Tunnelling Companies at La Boisselle 1915-1916. I sourced most of the photographs from descendants who also provided me with diaries, letters, memoirs and personal reminiscences. My book on tunnelling at La Boisselle has been a long-term research project for many years. If you want to learn more about the exploration and archaeology of the trenches and tunnels at La Boisselle for which I am principal historian visit the La Boisselle Study Group website.

Joe Cox and Tom Hodgetts (c) Duncan Hunting

The Men Who Dug the Lochnagar Mine


Virtual Tour of La Boisselle Trenches and Tunnels

Men of 179th and 185th Tunnelling Companies, Royal Engineers

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