Publications and Papers

Underground Warfare 1914-1914 in paperbackBooks published

World War I gas warfare tactics and equipment, (Osprey, London 2007).

 Underground Warfare 1914-1918, (Pen & Sword, Barnsley 2010).

Articles published

 ‘The First World War scientists who gave their lives to defeat poison gas’, The Guardian online, 22 April 2015.

Harrison, Edward Frank (1869–1918), Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, 2008.

‘Caldwell and DePeyster: Two collectors from the King’s Regiment on the Great Lakes in the 1770s and 1780s’ in J. C. H. King and C. Feest (ed.) Three centuries of woodlands Indian art (University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln, Nebraska 2007).

 ‘The Portrait of Sir John Caldwell as Evidence of British-Indian Diplomacy During the American Revolution,’ in John A. Lynn, ed., Coming to the Americas: the Eurasian Impact on the Development of the Western Hemisphere, (Cantingy First Division Foundation, Wheaton, USA, 2003).

‘ “The Right Medicine for the Bolshevist”: British air-dropped chemical weapons in North Russia, 1919,’ Imperial War Museum Review No 12 1999.

‘‘’More than the average grouse’: Mutinies in North Russia 1918 – 1919”, The Poppy & the Owl, No. 24, November 1998.

‘Making histories of wars’ in G. Kavanagh (ed.) Making Histories in Museums, (Leicester University Press & Cassell, London: 1996).

‘A mine rescue officer on the Western Front’, The Royal Engineers Journal, Vol. 109 No. 3, (December 1995).

‘Miners on the Western Front, Tunnelling Companies Royal Engineers, 1915-17’ Military Illustrated, August 1994 No 75.

‘The First BEF Gas Respirators, 1915’ Military Illustrated, January & February 1991.

‘“Under a green sea” The British responses to gas warfare’ The Great War Vol. 1 No. 4 August 1989 & Vol. 2 No. 4 November 1989.

‘The Royal Engineers and the birth of Australia’, The Royal Engineers Journal, 1988.

‘Gas warfare the British defensive measures’, Stand To!, Summer 1985.

Conference papers

‘Underground warfare at La Boisselle: three nations beneath no man’s land,’ Conference Tunnelling in the Great War, Western Front Association, The Army & Navy Club, 31 October 2015.

Born fighters: Who were the Tunnellers?,’ Conference The Great War Underground, National Army Museum, London, 2 November 2013.

‘Underground Warfare at La Boisselle: a case study of the development of military mining 1914-1916,’ University of Arras, France, October 2012.

‘Yperite: Gas Warfare in 1917,’ Conference ‘Dead Reckoning. Passchendaele 1917,’ 15 November 2007, In Flanders Fields Museum, Ieper, Belgium

‘British Mining Practice on the Western Front 1914-17’, British Commission for Military History Conference, Imperial War Museum, November 2003.

‘The Portrait of Sir John Caldwell as Evidence of British-Indian Diplomacy During the American Revolution,’ to International Commission for Military History Congress, Norfolk, Virginia, August 2002.

‘Caldwell and de Peyster: Two Collectors from the King’s Regiment on the Great Lakes Frontier in the 1770s and 1780s’, Arts of the Canadian Woodlands Conference, British Museum, February 1999.

‘Frightfulness: The BEF and chemical warfare in 1915’, British Commission for Military History Conference Technology & War, Royal Military College of Science, November 1998.

‘Social History in the Regimental Museum’, Social History Curators Groups Conference, Liverpool, July 1997.


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