When Chemical Weapons Were First Dropped From the Air, North Russia 1919

Q 16335

The first time chemical weapons were used from aircraft was during British operations against Bolshevik forces around Archangel and Murmansk in 1919. It was the result of the ingenuity of a Tasmanian chemist and mining engineer, a graduate of the Ballarat School of Mines, named Thomas Davies (above right). (Click photo for source).

Below is my article on the episode which was published in the Imperial War Museum Review (No. 12, 1999). (Click each page to enlarge).


Sawyer Spence (1)

Understanding Chemical Warfare in the First World War

German Yellow Cross mustard gas shell for 105mm howitzer.

Yellow Cross: The advent of Mustard Gas in 1917


Butte de Vauquois (Wikimedia Commons)

I will be leading a five-day battlefield tour ‘The Underground War, Tunnellers on the Western Front,’ ¬†7th-11th June 2017.


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