Trenches and Memorials on the Italian Front around Caporetto – 1

The First World War battlefields of the Italian Front around Kobarid (Caporetto) in Slovenia still bear remarkable evidence of the bitter fighting of 1915 – 1917.  The positions were captured in the Battle of Caporetto, or Twelfth Battle of the Isonzo, which opened on 24 October 1917. The German troops reinforced the Austro-Hungarians and, using gas warfare and newly-developed infiltration tactics, achieved an astonishingly rapid advance along the mountain ranges.

Battlefield museum on the Kolovrat mountain range.  These positions were outflanked and surrounded by the rapid advance of Rommel and the Württemberg Mountain Battalion on the opening day of the Battle of Caporetto.

Slovenia P1000723

P1000741 Kolovrat

P1000754 Kolovrat

P1000764 Kolovrat [Rommel ridgesq]

P1000715 Kolovrat

P1000732 Kolovrat

P1000740 Kolovrat

Celo Mt Svinjak Bovec valley P1000976

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The most effective chemical attack ever staged: the gas attack at Caporetto, 24th October 1917

EB-Literary Executors for the Vera Brittain Estate, 1970 and The Vera Brittain Fonds, McMaster University Library-CropBWenh

Where and how was Edward Brittain killed? The death in action of her brother Edward, in Italy in June 1918, forms the final tragedy of Vera Brittain’s memoir Testament of Youth


Myths of Messines: Four Misconceptions about the 1917 Battle Re-examined

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