Famous Verdun photographs which are not what they seem


This dramatic photograph has been prominent in media reports of the centenary of the opening of the Battle of Verdun on 21 February 1916, apparently showing a French soldier caught in the moment of death. It is usually licensed from Getty images who have altered their caption to acknowledge that it is in fact a film still from 1928.

Embed from Getty Images

The French film maker Léon Poirier produced a remarkable feature ‘Verdun, visions d’histoire’, shot on the old battlefields and inside the forts, using veterans wearing original uniforms and equipment. Another famous photograph of stretcher bearers under shell fire is also from the film but Getty have yet to alter the caption.Embed from Getty Images


Understanding the 1914 Christmas Truce


The Lochnagar Mine

Isaac Rosenberg

‘Words, Music and Landscapes,’ 25th-28th July 2017, is a four-day tour of the Western Front looking at the lives of war poets and composers.


My five-day battlefield tour ‘The Underground War, Tunnellers on the Western Front,’  7th-11th June 2017

German grenades in Rossignol Wood

The Secrets of Rossignol Wood

Sawyer Spence (1)

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